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Managing Change:
a *NEW* TRP Program

Winston-Salem, NC
October 23, 2017

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Winston-Salem, NC
Sept. 18, 2017



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in the face of Change and Adversity

Upcoming program dates:

Winston-Salem, NC

Monday, October 23, 2017 
8:45 am to 4:00 pm

While life is not always predictable, one thing we know is that there will always be change. Success belongs to those who can remain positive, productive, and effective in the face of constant change. In this thought-provoking and highly interactive program, you will learn tools for managing change of all kinds. This program is for you if you are facing change like this:

  • Businesses merge through acquisition, sales, change of management.
  • Processes or procedures evolve with technology and trends.
  • Shifting demographics in the workforce, multiple generations working together.
  • Older generations exiting the workforce, younger generations entering.
  • Roles change or expand with increased workloads and responsibilities.
  • Change in political climate, social atmosphere, family dynamics, and more.

Program Objectives:

1. Increase problem solving skills and effectiveness; view problems as opportunities to generate fresh solutions.

2. Manage stress and focus on results; prevent and avoid energy-sapping tension without giving in to overwhelm or stress.

3. “Think like management,” regardless of one’s position or title, and explore strategies for focus on effective change management.

4. Develop a future-focused perspective that allows you to manage change effectively.

Featuring new training tools, this program builds on the foundation of Totally Responsible Person. With the Building Analogy, our methods for managing change and challenge are reviewed for their effectiveness, or lack thereof. The Circle of Collaboration affords a new perspective to begin deeper collaboration with others, and harness the energy we often waste in conflict.