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Not So Soft: TRP deals with some of the toughest issues of all—“Ourselves.”


Although some schools of thought might place TRP in the category of soft skills training, TRP has little to do with “soft.” Actually, we train and coach some of…

The Hardest Skills of All—and the most important

  • Emotional intelligence, stability, maturity and self-control
  • Giving and receiving necessary feedback—even when it’s uncomfortable or “hurts”
  • Being totally responsible—no matter what others may or may not do
  • Forging a solid and sound character—one that can weather the storms of life; and excel in even the toughest of work environments. Think of examples like Helen Keller, Jackie Robinson and Viktor Frankl. Perhaps you’ve weathered a few storms too?
  • Staying aware of the fact that we always have a choice—and this is true whether we admit it, or feel like making the “better” choice or not.
  • Learn not to make excuses and to never, never blame others.

Thus our training deals with some of the toughest issues of life, because it’s these very issues that hold so many of us back; challenges we all face but that keep us from being our best. The truth is that what we do (or fail to do) matters; our workplaces and family lives matter. We need to be the best we can be for ourselves, our organizations, and for those for whom we care. 

So what does TRP training accomplish?

TRP Training helps you— 

  • Manage yourself in the most difficult times or circumstances
  • Deal with your fears and frustrations, limiting beliefs, whatever holds you back
  • Deal with difficult people at work and at home; and the more difficult these people, the more you need to learn and apply TRP.
  • Control your own attitudes, thoughts, emotions and behaviors—learn to respond instead of react.
  • Let go of things that may really, really bother you (cook your goose), but that don’t really matter in the end, or in the big picture. Keep your eyes on the prize and focus on what matters most.
  • Learn to not “sweat the small stuff,” because your time and energy are too precious to waste.