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TRP Training contributes to a 27.9 point increase in patient satisfaction scores— 


This Press Ganey Report shows TRP training’s impact on Employee Commitment and Patient Satisfaction at a major healthcare network.

The following 3 slides are a summary of a joint report produced by Press Ganey, a major strategic consulting firm focused on performance improvements in the healthcare industry, and a major healthcare provider with more than 48,000 employees and 650 locations. The report shows the impact of two key initiatives undertaken by the healthcare network to imporove employee’s organizational commitment along with patient satisfaction

The first of these initiatives was to train all managers and executive staff in the Totally Responsible Person core program, followed by training “top performers” and remaining staff. Executives, managers and top performers were trained first, in order to get buy-in at all levels, and because other staff would naturally be looking to these leaders as “examples”—those who would be setting expectations and the standard for other employees to follow.  

Before TRP  Training 

  • Slide 1, “The Way We Were,” shows a snapshot of Patient Satisfaction Scores compared to Organizational Commitment Scores taken in April and October 2004Note that patient satisfaction scores are almost evenly scattered between 40%-80% within the “Overall Excellent” category; and organizational commitment scores are about evenly distributed between the 3.5 and 4.25 range (with several scores below 3.5). 
  • Note also the “ceiling” of 80% for patient satisfactionno satisfaction scores above 80% were recorded.  



Slide 2 simply marks the beginning of this healtcare provider’s efforts, in 2005, to raise Organizational Commitment among its employees with the goal of increasing patient satisfaction. As noted, a cornerstone of this effort was training all staff in TRP’s flagship program, “Becoming the Totally Responsible Person.”



After TRP  Training

Below is a snapshot of Organizational Commitment Scores (Spring 2006) compared to Patient Satisfaction Scores (Quarter 3 of 2007). Note the following significant improvements—

  • The “ceiling” has been blown wide-open with half or more of the Patient Satisfaction Scores now ranking above 80%. Note how many scores are approaching the 100% mark, where none were above 80% in 2004.
  • The mean score for Patient Satisfaction is now 82.6% versus 54.68% in 2004—a drastic increase of 27.9 points!
  • Note also that Organizational Commitment scores are now at a mean of 4.28, up from their 2004 mean of 3.99. 
  • A quick glance at Slide 1 (above) shows that many Organizational Commitment scores fell well below the 3.75 mark. In Slide 3 below (Spring 2006), note how few are the scores that fall below the 4.0 mark. Compare this to Slide 1 (2004) in which nealy half fall below 4.0, and several below 3.5.  



Note that TRP was the centerpiece of a comprehensive, company-wide program to increase employee commitment and patient satisfaction; and that these scores improved together as part of this overall effort. No training program can solve every issue a company may be facing; but when combined with managements’ support and follow-up, training can significantly boost organizational performance in concrete and measurable ways.

One part of the TRP training is to help people understand how important every interaction is. How influential they are no matter their role. Our progress year to date: We have achieved a dramatic and sustained improvement in patient satisfaction. We did this while at the same time raising employee commitment. 
Results in Healthcare Report, From Excellence to Loyalty: Redefining the Experience