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Daniel Lobb, CPLP  | Co-President

Daniel started his career in the tour and travel industry with Allways Tours, Inc. His first trip was escorting a group of senior adults to Williamsburg, Virginia, on September 11, 2001. He very quickly learned the importance of keeping calm and serving the customer, which became the keynote of his eight-year tenure with that company as he went on to hold nearly every position. In 2008, he decided to align his passions in leadership and customer service with adult education and joined TRP Enterprises, Inc. He received the Certification in Workplace Learning and Performance (CPLP) from the Association for Talent Development (ATD) where he also serves as an Advisor to Chapters and is a former president of the Piedmont ATD Chapter. Daniel is a private pilot, a bee-keeper, and with his wife Irene, parent of three young boys.


Sanford Danziger, MD  | Cofounder & Co-President

Sanford Danziger, M.D., M.P.H., is a medical doctor, psychotherapist, author, trainer and educator.  He was a physician in the Peace Corps in Paraguay, and has lived and traveled abroad extensively working in community and public health initiatives on three continents. Dr. Danziger has authored four books on the subjects of personal development. For 15 years he was on the adjunct faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, NC. His Masters in Public Health (University of Hawaii, 1975) with a specialization in health education, and his wealth of experiences uniquely qualify him to address the role that attitude and positive thinking play in a healthy emotional, mental, and spiritual approach to life.





Christa Thornburg | Consultant

Christa Thornburg was influential in the formation of TRP Enterprises, Inc. She helped our founders shape the “big idea” that has driven successful partnerships with some outstanding organizations. About the time our business began, one of her long-time friends was launching his private medical practice and he asked Christa to join him as a business partner. Her role was to create the organizational culture of that family practice with a strong emphasis on the TRP principles that allowed staff to make values-based decisions every day. Uniquely, they also incorporated TRP into their patient care model allowing patients to view their relationship to their own health and well-being in a very different way, either healing or learning to live with challenges and see them in a new light. This was so successful that it was not uncommon for some patients to drive over 100 miles one way to see the staff at Family Care. Christa’s talents are at work with TRP Enterprises now in facilitation, management consulting, and strategy.