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This is our flagship program. The bottom-line results? Improved employee relations, increased productivity, clear expectations, improved problem-solving and creativity, less stress and more enjoyment of work. Get everyone on the same page—and taking ownership of your organization’s performance and results!

Workshop: Becoming the Totally Responsible Person


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Is your workplace littered with blame and lack of ownership? Do you have employees who are negative and creating a toxic work environment? How many of your employees blame others, including their customers, for their bad day? Are you accepting of gossip and criticism? Are your employees demonstrating a victim mentality, taking no ownership of their own attitude or behavior?

So the question is: How do you infuse your organization with a culture of responsibility, cooperation, respect and teamwork and get beyond these deadly behaviors?

The Totally Responsible Person (TRP) is a practical, full day workshop that will help every employee – leaders and individual contributors – to learn innovative and proven ways to control negative emotions, beliefs or habits that impede cooperation and productivity. Each participant will learn proven techniques to move beyond blame and judgment and gain the confidence and tools needed to interact with others in a positive, constructive and respectful way.

Presented with humor, the workshop is nonthreatening, yet has a profound impact on those who attend. It is fast paced and includes lecturettes, role plays, skits, video clips, group discussion and reflection. Each participant will receive a workbook full of information and exercises for further individual practice and growth.

TRP is grounded in research and values that help to shift the culture of an organization from one of blame to one of respect and accountability, helping both employees and organizations thrive even in the midst of change and adversity.

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize our Moments of Choice and how to exercise courage and self-control in the face of adversity – the essence of becoming a Totally Responsible Person
  2. How to Reverse the Flow—to use negative emotions, challenging situations, and even stress or conflict to create positive change, and “win-win” outcomes.
  3. How to eliminate Gossip & Criticism from the workplace (and anywhere else).
  4. Influence others without Rescuing or Enabling their negative behaviors and attitudes.
  5. How to uncover deeper Meaning and Purpose in work and life—by “keeping your eyes on the prize”—what matters most.

The Bottom-Line Results? 

  • Improved communication and relationships
  • Improved team work and creativity
  • Increased innovation and problem-solving
  • Increased productivity and accountability
  • Decreased stress and conflict
  • Maximized results and performance
  • Increased enjoyment of work and life

Participants will leave with a renewed enthusiasm for work, parenting, and life in general. Trainees often report that the skills and techniques they learn are nothing short of “life-changing.” The skills and practices taught are essential for success in any endeavor—at work, home or school.

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