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Your business IS suffering from Victim Mentality to some degree or another. What’s the cost? And what are you ready to do about it?

TRP training elevates individual & organizational performance—which directly impacts your bottom line! 


How? TRP training…

  • Creates a culture of positivity and can-do attitudes, which result in increased productivity and far less employee turnover (view TRP Skills & Competencies)
  • Empowers everyone to be more productive and effective, improves teamwork and interpersonal relations, and work becomes more enjoyable. 

What’s the result? Business growth and development. 

  • By improving your staff’s relationships, teamwork, problem-solving ability, innovation, creativity and productivity, TRP directly effects your bottom line. 
  • Costs and expenses are reduced—while productivity, sales and revenues increase.

What’s the key to organizational effectiveness?

In simplest terms, it’s the effectiveness of the individuals who comprise the organization: your people.

There’s a lot of talk about the “human factor” in business and leadership circles. But frankly, little is done to actually give people the tools and skills they need to succeed—practical skills that can be used every day and in the heat of the moment when the skills are most needed. This is precisely where TRP excels. TRP deals with the key factors that can hinder us all if left unchecked… 

>  Limiting beliefs
>  Negative thinking, attitudes and emotions
>  Excuses and blame-shifting
>  Negative criticism and gossip
>  Receiving and giving feedback (which are essential to everyone’s growth)
>  Rescuing and enabling others (which disables them in the long run)
>  Resistance to change (which is always inevitable)
>  Lack of respect (for others and the common good)
>  Personal agendas and ego 
>  Exclusivity and narrow-mindedness (“us” vs. “them”)

All of these “negatives” are part of what we call Victim Mentality. As we learn to deal with the victim thinking in ourselves and others, we naturally and quickly become more productive and effective.

What would be the value of eliminating victim mentality within your organization? Of creating a Culture of Total Responsibility and Empowerment?  

TRP gives your people the tools and skills they need to succeed; and with these, fosters the positive CORPORATE CULTURE your organization needs to succeed. We’re convinced this culture of empowerment is a no-brainer: almost every organization can benefit.


What can TRP do for your bottom line?

Join us for a workshop, get your people trained, and start experiencing the dramatic results for yourself. And be sure to check out the Results in Healthcare illustrating all the above. Following is a quote summarizing the impressive results.

One part of the TRP training is to help people understand how important every interaction is. How influential they are no matter their role. Our progress year to date [after TRP training]: as we showed at the beginning, we have achieved a dramatic and sustained improvement in patient satisfaction. We did this while at the same time raising employee commitment.  

What’s Next?