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The Totally Responsible Person Creed


The Key to Personal Empowerment, Professional Development and Life Success—

Everything that happens to me is an opportunity for learning and growth. I cannot blame others for how I feel, what I think, or what I do.”

TRP is about “attitude” and how we choose to perceive things. It’s about cultivating a positive, can-do attitude no matter how difficult circumstances may seem. The TRP chooses to believe and operate from the mindset that says—


Things don’t happen TO me; they happen FOR me.” 


Emotional Intelligence. Locus of control. Self-awareness. And Choice.

Becoming “TRP” is growing in awareness of the many choices we have—especially the choice of how we will think, feel, act and be with the world around us (at work, home, our daily commutes—everywhere).

This process includes emotional intelligence (EQ), how we handle our emotions and the emotions of others—how we handle ourselves and deal with others especially under pressure. “Emotional Intelligence” plays a vital role. If we had to boil down this growth process to three easy steps, they might be these:

  1. Understanding that we always have a “choice.”  Always. We can choose to respond to the people and world around us rather than react. This is becoming “Response-Able”—able to respond.
  2. Growing in our awareness of these choices, noticing them more and more each day, and more and more throughout the day.
  3. Making the better choice more often, learning to think in terms of “we” and not just “me.”

TRP also has much to do with developing the “Authentic Place Within:” the bigger “I” versus the little “i,” what many call ego. As we learn to operate more from this authentic place within, we soon find ourselves responding to people and situations in truly empowering ways—ways that strengthen everyone involved.