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Managing Change:
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Winston-Salem, NC
October 23, 2017

TRP Workshop Experience

Winston-Salem, NC
Sept. 18, 2017



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“Rarely have I seen 65 very different people so fully engaged in a process… You helped bring our team closer together and to have a context for communication as responsible individuals. This was one of the best staff retreats we have ever had…” —James N. Lombard, President and CEO, YMCA of Birmingham

Who Hires Us?


  • Managers and Directors In Human Resources and Organizational Development
  • Training Directors, Managers & Coordinators
  • Safety Managers & Directors
  • C-Level and V-Level Execs
  • Business Owners, Nonprofit Directors, and the like  

If you choose to hire us, we understand that you’re extending us your trust. So we are earnest about making you look good (and we will). More importantly, your people will be given valuable tools, tactics, strategies, mindsets and attitudes to help them succeed—skills, attitudes and competencies they can use every day—whatever their job may be.

TRP workshops are interactive, engaging, delivered with a mix of humor and audio-visuals, and are equal parts practical and paradigm-shifting. 

We train Staff, Leaders, Faculty and

Trainers working in…  

  • For-profit companies, large and small—including multinationals: American Express, Unilever…
  • Nonprofits such as civic and community organizations: Goodwill Industries, the YMCA, Project Re-entry, Catholic Social Services, and more… 
  • Local, City and State Governments
  • Schools, Colleges, Community Colleges and Universities
  • Community Leadership Programs, often associated with local and state Chambers of Commerce
  • And more—be sure to see our extensive and prestigious Client List. 

We also offer Train-the-Trainer Certification for your in-house trainers…

  • To deliver our world class programs—and with results equal to or greater than our own.
  • See Trainer Certification.
  • Our programs are often added to a company’s existing course offerings—your own corporate university or other development programs.
—Note that we freely provide references with direct contact information to directors, managers and others who have hired us; and we encourage you to contact them. They can rave about our programs better than we.