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Managing Change:
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Winston-Salem, NC
October 23, 2017

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Albuquerque, NM
Nov. 9, 2017

Chicago, IL
Nov. 9, 2017



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“One part of the TRP training is to help people understand how important every interaction is; how influential they are no matter their role. Our progress year to date, after TRP training: We have achieved a dramatic and sustained improvement in patient satisfaction.” —Summary report of TRP’s impact on the performance of a major healthcare provider, with over 48,000 employees and 650 locations 

Who Uses TRP?


TRP training is for… 

>  Leaders
>  Employees/Staff
>  Managers, Directors, Supervisors
>  Teachers, Students, Administrators
>  Creating a Culture of Responsibility & Success
>  Creating a Safe Work Environment
>  Promoting Teamwork & Cooperation
>  Orienting New-Hires
>  Promoting Diversity & Inclusion 

TRP participants learn how to…

>  Manage stress
>  Deal with difficult people
>  Handle interpersonal conflict easily
>  Assume total responsibility for one’s attitudes and behavior
>  Turn adversity into opportunity
>  Infuse their organization with a sense of accountability
>  Use the revolutionary concept of Reversing the Flow
>  Receive and give constructive feedback
>  Apply the Ten Commitments of Effective Group Work
>  Identify and deal with the “victim mentality” in oneself and others
>  Develop sound character
>  Eliminate or diminish behaviors such as:  
—taking things personally
—letting things “get to us”
—flying off the handle
—blaming and judging
—criticizing and gossiping


TRP is for…

Business Growth & Productivity 

>  Change Management
>  Sales Training
>  Customer Service
>  Conflict Resolution
>  Safety Management & Training
>  Staff & Leadership Development
>  Organizational Development
>  Team-building
>  Productivity
>  Employee Retention
>  Diversity & Inclusion Training
>  Improving Corporate Culture
>  Unleashing Creativity
>  Problem-Solving & Innovation
>  Employee Engagement


All of these together lead to an Improved Bottom Line!  

Personal & Professional Development…

Career Advancement, Professional Development, Stagnant Career, Second-Career, Early Retirement, Job Displacement, Communication Skills & Personal Effectiveness, College & Career Preparation, Personal Growth & Development, Effective Parenting, Improved Family Relations, Improving Mental Health, Emotional Health & Intelligence, Personal & Social Well-Being, Interpersonal Relations, Overcoming Adversity, Personal Empowerment & Fulfillment—Finding Purpose & Enjoyment in Everyday Life! 

If you are an individual seeking tools for Personal Growth and Development, you might want to check out these resources— 


Dear Daniel,

I have participated in many workshops over the years and I found your TRP workshop to be compelling…I am taking baby steps and working on my ‘blame game’ and ‘mirroring’ effects on my staff. I have a code word I use when I go into this mode myself and it is ‘TRP.’ One of the many statements that has stuck is “Be one of those people other people like to be around…” Thanks so very much!

—email received from TRP Workshop Participant

Hello! I loved the training!

I am a classic enabler to the victim mentality person. A staff member “vented” to me his frustrations as to why HR always puts blocks on his leadership style. Normally, I would’ve said “I am so sorry and I totally understand why you feel that way.” Instead, I simply kept quiet and let him talk. Then, I offered another alternative and asked his opinion if this is something he could do. I am spreading the word at meetings and within my own family as to what an amazing and insightful training it was. Thank you again!

—Pamela, H.R. Coordinator