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We have a commitment and passion to see you succeed. And these values “show up” in every workshop we conduct.

Why Hire Us?


We’re Experienced, Committed, We Get Results, and We Care. We care deeply about what we do and equally about you.

1. Experience

We’ve been at this thing called “training” for quite a while—since 1996. And we’ve worked with some of the most well respected organizations the world over. We’re proud of our client list, and especially our clients themselves. So many of them are doing phenomenal things in this world. They’ve contributed as much to our lives as we have to theirs; and they’ve given us quite a few good reviews over the years to thank us. These have helped keep us going. Indeed, we love what we do—and believe you will too. 

2. Commitment

We practice what we teach—and we live it to the best of our abilities. We don’t teach “theory,” but rather “practice:” skills and techniques that actually work. We’re committed to your success. We believe this commitment and approach is worth something to you, and we seek to pass this commitment on. We consider ourselves stewards of what we teach. Because we’ve passed through the “school of our own hard knocks,” we can hopefully share a bit of this wisdom with you. After your training, we hope you’ll pass it along too.

3. Results

Experience and commitment are vital, yet we wouldn’t have lasted sixteen plus years in the training industry, nor be working with the top tier clients that we do, if we didn’t get results. Simply put, TRP gives you and your staff the mindset, attitude, fortitude, skills, strategies, and the tools and techniques to… 

  • Be more positive and effective
  • Deal with difficult people and circumstances
  • Maximize team productivity
  • Perform at your optimum best 

For your organization, TRP training… 

  • Reduces your expenses by reducing employee turnover
  • Increases your revenue/outcomes by increasing productivity
  • Boosts morale, team and organizational effectiveness
  • Creates a culture of continual learning and growth—one in which everyone learns and is expected to stay positive, productive and effective no matter what. 

So what’s the bottom line? All of these things taken together increases your bottom lineTRP elevates the culture of an organization from blame and criticism to mutual respect, accountability, fulfillment and success; e.g., “No whining allowed”—only “problem-solving, can-do attitudes and mutual success.” 


The bottom line is that TRP works. 


All of these values show up in our workshops—we show up body and soul. We think you’ll find these commitments make our workshops an experience you’ll want to share with others. In them, we discuss quite a few serious topics and do some pretty hard work together; but we laugh with one another, and TRP training has a lightheartedness as well. You’ll find that we draw from our own personal examples—both “triumphs and tragedies”—and those of a few notable historical figures too. All in all, you’ll come away knowing that…

 We’re all in this together.”   

And we are.