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Winston-Salem, NC
March 12, 2018

Managing Change

Winston-Salem, NC
April 4, 2018



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Our workshops can be customized and tailored to suit your needs. Call us today to explore the many training options available to your organization and staff: +1 336-777-1947.

TRP Workshops— Customizable for you and your staff


Becoming the Totally Responsible Person > Our Flagship Program

This all-day or multi-day training immerses the client in the principles and values underlying TRP’s approach to work and life—teaching how to stay positive, productive, and effective no matter the circumstances. Participants leave with a renewed enthusiasm for work, team building, parenting and life in general. Skills learned are essential for success in any endeavor. In multi-day workshops, participants are led through problem-solving exercises, which teach them how to solve real-life problems using TRP principles. 

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Managing Change: a NEW TRP Program

While life is not always predictable, one thing we know is that there will always be change. Success belongs to those who can remain positive, productive, and effective in the face of constant change. In this thought-provoking and highly interactive program, you will learn tools for managing change of all kinds. 

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Becoming the Totally Responsible Leader  

Focused on developing the essential qualities of leadership, this workshop instills into both seasoned and prospective leaders the skills and values needed to lead effectively. The skills taught are rooted in foundational human values, those that form the basis for all successful and sustainable leadership. Great leaders are developed, not born. So wherever your circle of influence may be, this workshop will put you on the path to developing the character and self-awareness needed by anyone who aspires to become a great leader—whether at work, home or your community at large.

TRP:The Advanced Workshop 4 - 5 hours 

This workshop is designed for the organization that requires shorter workshops to introduce employees to TRP values and principles, when it is not feasible to spare employees from the workplace for long periods of time. The Advanced Workshop can be conducted as follow-up training to an earlier TRP workshop. It serves as reinforcement as well as a more in-depth pursuit of what it means to be “totally responsible.” Participants leave the workshop invigorated and prepared to continue their application of the TRP® principles.  

Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively > 4 - 6 hours 

At last there is help for those who struggle with “Feedback” (which is the vast majority of us). This workshop has been called the Ph.D. of feedback training. It is well known that one’s success or failure, and personal growth in general, are dependent upon the ability to give and receive effective feedback. This workshop equips everyone, especially those in supervisory or leadership roles, with the tools necessary to improve any workforce, team or organizational situation. 

Stress Management Once and For All: Learning and Growing from Stress > 4 hours 

In this unique workshop, participants learn a proven scientific method to manage stress at its true source. The method is not relaxation, meditation, breathing, exercise or biofeedback. It is an eye-opening approach to life, relationships and the choices we make that is readily learned by anyone. 

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