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Managing Change:
a *NEW* TRP Program

Winston-Salem, NC
October 23, 2017

TRP Workshop Experience

Albuquerque, NM
Nov. 9, 2017

Chicago, IL
Nov. 9, 2017



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We can be free of Victim Mentality. “We can all become better.”


TRP® training is about personal excellence, organizational excellence, servant leadership and mutual success… 

It’s about learning to work together in ways that are more mindful, purposeful, and that help everyone become their best. Our passion is to grow and to see others grow. Our goal is a “win-win.”  

Whether you’re here for your company or family…

Or looking to grow personally and professionally, we’re glad you’ve found us. The concepts, values and principles you’ll discover here have made a vast difference in hundreds of organizations and thousands of lives. People all over the world, working in diverse jobs and professions, are living with a greater sense of purpose and making a true difference in the world around them—wherever their circle of influence may be.

Ever shouted, “Why me?!” What if things happen FOR us rather than TO us?Most workshop participants report that TRP training, literally, changes their lives; that it gives them practical tools and strategies for becoming the people they’ve always wanted to be. 

We did not create the values or principles; most are simply timeless wisdom, even things we’ve heard growing up. Yet we’ve had the privilege of packaging these timeless principles into easily learnable skills—mindsets and daily practices that can help anyone succeed. Simply put, TRP training can transform the way you live, work and interact in the world; the way you “are” with yourself and those around you. 


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